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Thai coach Robson boosted by fans response to news of illness

Former England captain Bryan Robson, who coached three-time winners Thailand during their ill-fated campaign in last year's AFF Suzuki Cup, has been talking about being diagnosed with throat cancer.

The 54-year-old Manchester United legend had surgery just 48 hours after being told by doctors that he had the disease.

He is currently in England but will start a course of radiation when he returns to Thailand next week.

I thought I just had a sore throat. I went to see a doctor who diagnosed it straight away. I had MRI tests and I was operated on two days later, he told the media in England.

I had the tumour, which was cancerous, removed from my throat. I am in England for a week to get a second opinion from a specialist but I am confident when I go back to Thailand I should be okay in a couple of months.

I am starting a five-week radiation course when I return next week. They are very confident that it is treatable and that I will make a full recovery.

I have had fantastic response from fans everywhere which has been a great boost. You have to be positive and get on with it. I'm in the best hands.

Robson plans to continue working with the Thailand team during his treatment.