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Media accreditation - application

Please note: Deadline for Qualifying Round application is Wednesday, 13 October 2010 and for the Final Rounds application is Monday, 15 November 2010.

Terms & Conditions


All Photographers requiring access to the event must contact the Asean Football Federation (AFF) / National Associations and complete the necessary application procedures to clear your request.

All Photographers requiring pitch-side access must wear a Media Identity Bib. Photographer bibs are available from the stadium media centre in exchange for your Media Accreditation Card.

Team Start Lists will be made available 45 minutes before kick-off in the media centre.

Access onto the field of play is NOT permitted at any time, including before and after the game.

Before the game you may shoot the line-ups of the teams from the touchline, but you must not enter the field of play.

Once the game starts you must shoot from behind either goal. You are required to stand behind the advertising boards and will not be allowed to change sides until half-time, the end of regulation time, or the start of extra time.

Photographers are not allowed to rest, lean against or hang your equipment on the perimeter advertising boards at all times.

Photographers must request permission from AFF / WSG prior to placing your remote camera(s) in front of the perimeter advertising boards. Failure to do so will result in removal of your camera or equipment from the location.

When changing ends, you should pass along the far side of the pitch behind the advertising boards. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to shoot from either touchline during the match.

After the match, you may return to the touchline to cover the MVP presentation, if any, but you must not enter the field of play.

The coaches of the two teams will attend a press conference that will commence immediately after the match. Photographers are invited to attend. At the post-match press conference all photographers must stand near the back of the room and allow journalists to sit at the front.

Please follow the instructions of the event organizer and AFF / Host Association / WSG staff present at the stadium.

Refusal to adhere to these regulations may result in your expulsion from the stadium and you may also be refused entry to future AFF events.

For any queries, please contact the AFF / Host Association / WSG representative on site. Thank you for your co-operation.