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Video gallery - 2012 videos

Match Highlights

Final Leg 2 Thailand vs Singapore
Final Leg 1 Singapore vs Thailand
SF2 Leg 2 Thailand vs Malaysia
SF1 Leg 2 Singapore vs Philippines
SF2 Leg 1 Malaysia vs Thailand
SF1 Leg1 Philippines vs Singapore
Malaysia vs Indonesia
Singapore vs Laos
Thailand vs Vietnam
Philippines vs Myanmar
Laos vs Malaysia
Indonesia vs Singapore
Thailand vs Myanmar
Philippines vs Vietnam
Malaysia vs Singapore
Indonesia vs Laos
Thailand vs Philippines
Myanmar vs Vietnam
Top 10 Saves from 2010
Laos vs Myanmar (Qualifier)
Brunei vs Timor Leste (Qualifier)
Myanmar vs Cambodia (Qualifier)
Brunei vs Laos (Qualifier)
Timor Leste vs Laos (Qualifier)
Cambodia vs Brunei (Qualifier)
Laos vs Cambodia (Qualifier)
Timor Leste vs Myanmar (Qualifier)
Myanmar vs Brunei (Qualifier)
Cambodia vs Timor Leste (Qualifier)
AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Promo 2
AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 promo
AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Official Draw


Football Asia - Singapore Team
Interview with Hans Michael Weiss
Interview with Datuk K. Rajagobal Pt 2
Interview with - Angel Guirado
Interview with Radojko Avramovic
Interview with Mohd Safiq Rahim
Interview with James Younghusband
Interview with Phil Younghusband
Interview with Emelio "Chieffy" Caligdong
Interview with Safee Sali
Interview with Khairul Fahmi
Interview with Stephen Shrock

Video gallery - 2010 videos

Final Leg 2 - Indonesia vs Malaysia
Final Leg 1 - Malaysia vs Indonesia
SF2 - Indonesia vs Philippines
SF1 - Vietnam vs Malaysia
SF2 - Philippines vs Indonesia
SF1 - Malaysia vs Vietnam
Group Stage Best Goals
Vietnam fans
Indonesia fans
Myanmar vs Philippines
Vietnam vs Singapore
Malaysia vs Laos
Indonesia vs Thailand
Philippines vs Vietnam
Singapore vs Myanmar
Laos vs Indonesia
Thailand vs Malaysia
Vietnam vs Myanmar
Singapore vs Philippines
Indonesia vs Malaysia
Thailand vs Laos
2010 Promo
Laos vs Timor Leste
Philippines vs Cambodia
Philippines vs Laos
Cambodia vs Timor Leste
Timor Leste vs Philippines
Laos vs Cambodia
Official Draw - Final Round
Official Draw - Qualifiers
2008 Best Goals
2008 - 2nd Leg Final Highlights
2008 - 1st Leg Final Highlights
2008 Event Review
2007 Final Highlights

Watch video highlights of the AFF Suzuki Cup from 2007, 2008 and 2010.